Using  Alphas with Hairs

Tutorial: using Alpha texture for hairs

1. Prepare Hair

  1. Select mesh and create FB hair on it (Furryball - hair - create hair)
  2. Turn on Furryball in viewport
  3. Adjust width and length of hair so the texture will be visible, Experiment with randomness, billboarding and orientation ( see Hair node for details)


2. Prepare textures

  1. Prepare texture with alpha in your image editor.
  2. We recommend to save image as transparent PNG-8 with matte color set to most common color in image ( in this case green)*

   *you can find this option under "Save for web and devices" in Photoshop


3. Assign texture to hair

  1. Assign this texture to body color in hair settings node.
  2. Enable Alpha mask
  3. Tweak variances, root/tip color,
  4. Set higher Number of CVs in hair settings and play around with hair modification

4. Lights

  1. Add some lights, enable their shadows.
  2. Tweak Filter radius in Hair settings. (Furryball hair has its own override for shadow filtering/bias/color)

5. Vegetation Shading

  1. Enable vegetation shading in hair settings
  2. Put your texture into Leaf front and back color, you can adjust color balace of them to get differet color on front and back

  1. You can generate normal map and put into leaf normal

  1. Select lights and add Furryball light attribute node to them (Furryball - Add light attributes - New)
  2. Enable translucency in this node
  3. Tweak Leaf thickness in hair settings or map texture to it.

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